The detailed regulations of the online photo contest “Yoga Queen Alliance YSK 2023”

The Yoga Queen Alliance YSK is an annual beauty contest organized by Yoga Alliance International YSK to promote relationships among nations within the alliance. YSK stands for “Yoga Song Khoe,” an International Yoga Alliance specializing in Yoga and Health. It is headquartered at Deepmay Tower, Dehradun Road Rishikesh, India, and operates in several countries worldwide.

YSK is known as one of the most reputable and reliable organizations in the field of yoga teaching and training. The mission of YSK includes:

  • Organizing Yoga competitions at the regional and global levels.
  • Connecting the Yoga community through organizing international beauty contests such as the “Queen Yoga Alliance,” promoting cultural exchange among friends from the five continents.
  • Organizing study abroad programs, tours, and immersive Yoga experiences in India, the birthplace of Yoga.
  • Additionally, YSK organizes events, workshops, conferences, and other activities related to yoga to enhance knowledge and skills within the global yoga community.
  • Providing professional yoga teacher training programs, degrees, and globally recognized yoga instructor certifications.

With a mission to unite the global Yoga community, the Yoga Queen Alliance YSK contest gathers Yoga participants from the Yoga Alliance International YSK community, with representatives from nearly 20 countries. The contestants not only showcase their physical beauty but also exude confidence and radiate their Yoga talents. This year, Yoga Queen Alliance YSK 2023 will be held in Vietnam. The participants will go through two rounds of competition: an online round and a live stage performance at the largest Saltwater Lagoon in Vietnam – Vinhomes Ocean Park, in the capital city of Hanoi, Viet Nam, creating a truly mystical and impressive setting.

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Duration: From May 4, 2023, to June 2, 2023

[1]. Guidelines for submitted photos: Each participant should submit a set of photos of themselves, including:

  • 1 Portrait photo
  • 2 Photos wearing traditional attire representing your country
  • 2 Photos in any Asana (yoga pose) of your choice

Accompanied by a caption introducing yourself and your achievements (The accompanying text should not exceed 200 words). High-quality and clear photos are required.


[2]. Scoring Criteria for Entries

The scoring of the entries will be based on the number of likes and comments received on the posts on the “YOGA Alliance International YSK” fanpage: “YOGA Alliance International YSK”.

  • Each like on a photo will count as 1 point.
  • Each comment will count as 2 points.


After 24 hours on June 2, 2023, all participants who achieve a VOTING SCORE OF 500 POINTS OR HIGHER will be awarded the certification to participate in the “Yoga Queen Alliance YSK 2023” contest.


Likes and comments must come from genuine accounts. If any contestant is found to be involved in fraudulent activities, the organizers will disqualify their entries.

Hurry and register at:

Or Hotline:   +91 8826 476 724


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