Master Shivam Goswami attracts attention when sitting on the hot seat of the Yoga beauty arena

Master Shivam Goswami, the Director of Yoga Alliance International YSK  in Rishikesk – India, an International Yoga Trainer. With a deep academic background and experience in the field of yoga, he is an impartial judge and has made a significant contribution to the success of the competition.
Master Shivam Goswami is one of the highly regarded yoga instructors in India. He graduated from C.C.S University Meerut in 2015, obtained a Master’s degree in Yoga Science from Sanskrit University, Haridwar in 2020, and has years of experience as a Yoga Expert. His influence has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards and medals.
Currently, Master Shivam Goswami serves as the Director of Yoga Alliance International YSK  in Rishikesk – India. The goal of Yoga Alliance YSK international in Rishikesk – India is to create and maintain a dynamic environment that promotes high development opportunities for yoga enthusiasts worldwide, fostering abundant health and unlocking the potential of the mind.

Master Shivam Goswami, as a judge in the Yoga Queen Alliance YSK, said that:

“I highly value this year’s contestants. It brings me great joy to witness the resounding success of the competition and discover deserving winners. The participants truly shine through their inspirational stories, showcasing their strong determination and, most importantly, their profound and meaningful humanistic philosophies.”
Through the competition, he aims to inspire individuals to always have confidence and shine, emphasizing that success comes to those who persevere and believe in themselves.
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