International Star Yoga Championship in Singapore 2024

The most anticipated hot event of the year – bringing together hundreds of Yoga athletes from around the world – come together to compete at International Star Yoga Championship in Singapore 2024 organized by the Yoga Song Khoe Acedamy, Liên minh Yoga Sống Khoẻ Thế giới YSK and Yog Sport Foundation YSF with the support of Vietnam Yoga Federation. The championship arena International Yoga Asana & Flow Yoga 2024 was organized to contribute to promoting the Yoga practice movement, creating a new, healthy playground and meeting the needs of Yoga enthusiasts nationally and internationally. Here, the best Yoga stars will converge, not only to compete but also to create special bonds through the common language of the soul – Yoga.

Held directly at the 4-star hotel from 7th April  to 9th  April, 2024 with the participation of nearly 100 athletes. Located in Singapore, the tournament is held in a popular cultural destination that travel lovers can’t miss.


Get detailed training on competition rules, Advanced Yoga training and how to build lessons

Free all expenses for travel, transportation, accommodation at 4-star hotels

Communicate images by invitation and participate in international tournaments

Free 20 hours Yoga Coach training course: Yoga Flow, Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga… (Valued at 5 million VND)

Free of charge: VISA, air ticket

Certification of athletes and referees


Participants who are citizens around the world who are healthy enough to not violate the law can register to participate in the tournament. Athletes will compete in two categories: The Champion of Yoga Asana arena will compete for 54 medals in three age groups (under 18 years old, 20-40 years old and over 40 years old);

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Competing in the Yoga Flow Art collective section (18 medals paintings) in groups of 3, group of 5 and group of 10. The Organizing Committee will award the Posture Champion Medal to the individuals who win the first prize in each event with the same certification. Team Cup (First, Second, Third): The ranking of the Team Cup is calculated based on the total number of medals achieved by the athletes of that delegation.


Athletes are only allowed to choose 01 out of 02 competition contents (private Asana or collective Yoga Flow art competition). In the competition category: Champion of the Yoga Asana arena (Only registered to compete in up to 3 age-specific events); In the competition category: Artistic Yoga Flow Group (Registered to compete in up to 02 age-specific events);

Competition attire:

Male athletes wear tight pants and shirts, pants no shorter than 25cm.

Female athletes wear tights or tight pants and sports bra: shirt must not be shorter than a sports bra, pants must not be shorter than 20cm

Promising a fiery competition of Yoga Asana, where mind and body confront uncompromisingly. Besides, the International Flow Yoga Prize, soft movements become a living work of art. Where focus and creativity blend, creating a performance not to be missed.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join the journey of mind and body. Let’s create memorable memories together at the 2024 International Star Yoga Championship in Singapore.


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