Yoga Alliance International (YSK) is a non-profit Yoga organization that accompanies the world yoga community in maintaining and enhancing the authenticity of yoga as a holistic science. In which (YSK) stands for “Yoga Song Khoe”, this organization was founded by Ms. Vu Hong Yen – President of the Yoga Alliance International (YSK) . For the purpose of guiding and promoting activities about Yoga and health for people around the world. It is headquartered at Deepmay tower, Dehradun Road Rishikesh, India and operates in nearly 20 countries worldwide.

Ngài Phó hiệu trưởng Chinmay Pandya trao bằng cho Vũ Hồng Yến cùng những học viên Khóa Du học Ấn Độ K5. 

Yoga Alliance International (YSK) based in Rishikesh, India which a special position as the “cradle” of Yoga, where Yoga was born and developed thousands of years ago. It is known as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. Rishikesh is a city located in the down of mountains of the Himalayas and right on the banks of the Ganges River. Since ancient times, Rishikesh has been a sacred and spiritual place for the people of India, and is known as a center of Yoga education, research, and practice. The city is considered one of the popular destinations for those who want to learn about yoga and spiritual therapies. The entire town is considered sacred, and it is believed that meditating there will heal your soul and health.

Yoga Alliance International (YSK) Headquarters in Rishikesh- India has been visited by many monks, professors, psychologists, and researchers from all over the world to learn about it. Yoga and the benefits it brings to human health and mind.


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YSK is known as one of the most prestigious and trusted organizations in the field of yoga teaching and coaching. Our mission is:

  • Organize regional and worldwide Yoga competitions.
  • Connecting the community of yoga practitioners through organizing international yoga beauty contests “Queen Yoga Alliance”, cultural exchange with friends from 5 continents
  • Organize study abroad courses, visit and experience Yoga life in India – the cradle of World Yoga.
  • In addition, YSK organizes events, seminars, conferences, and other yoga-related activities to enhance knowledge and skills for the global yoga community.

With years of experience in providing training and certification to yoga teachers, Yoga Alliance International (YSK) has been recognized worldwide for its high standards in yoga teacher training.

YSK offers intensive training programs that meet the growing needs of yoga learners. YSK ‘s training programs are designed to help students gain in-depth knowledge of yoga, as well as the necessary skills to impart and share yoga with the community.

This organization has a key role in creating a benchmark for training and certification for yoga teachers around the world. As a result, yoga teachers certified by Yoga Alliance International (YSK) will be recognized by the yoga community worldwide with high standards and judged to be capabled to impart yoga to everyone.

World Yoga Alliance (YSK) has been contributing a lot to popularizing Yoga and making it easier for those interested in yoga to access it. Build a global community of Yoga lovers and celebrate its merits.

With that mission, YSK has been creating qualified yoga masters and helping yoga students around the world get the best experience from this sport.

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Yoga Alliance International (YSK)

Deepmay tower, Dehradun Road Rishikesh, India

Email: YogallianceYSK@gmail.com

Molbile: +91 8826 476 724

Website: www.yogasongkhoe.com

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/yogaallianceinternationalysk

Join us: https://register.yogasongkhoe.com/alliance






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