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Since being officially recognized as a profession in 2016, yoga instructors have had many opportunities to assert themselves, continue with their passion as well as significantly improve their income. There have been too many studies talking about the tremendous effects of yoga on us both physically and mentally, and that is also the reason why people’s demand for yoga is increasing. That also means that the quality of teaching, as well as the level of coaches, must also improve continuously.

That’s what “Healthy Living Yoga Academy cherishes” and we have been determined to bring the best to the yoga community by improving the quality of teachers with continuous and real enhancement courses. It’s great that at this time we have successfully built a 500H International Certified Yoga Instructor training program with direct guidance from Asia’s leading Masters and leading doctors in the medical field. traditional studies and sports medicine.

Elevate – affirm value is the guideline we set for this 500H International Degree Yoga training program. If you are a Yoga instructor, then this is a great opportunity to take a big step forward in your career because what we bring is exactly the necessary things, the factors that bring the best to you. directionality, that’s for sure

Online 500H Yoga Coach Training Program for

The 500H Coach Training Program is for coaches who already have a 200H Degree and the opportunity to upgrade to an International 500H Degree. And those of you who are passionate about Yoga are wishing to become International Yoga coaches but do not have a suitable roadmap.

Reasons for expanding overseas markets

This is your chance to use our brand to open branches in your country. With over 8 years of experience and successfully developing more than 25 branches in Vietnam, we are proud to be the No.1

The most modern * Online * course, accredited by Vietnam Yoga Federation, International Yoga Alliance – Sharvaya Yoga international & Yoga Federation of India – Yoga Sports Federation Of India.

Course content and course instructors

Let’s take another step towards glory, the pinnacle of Yoga’s career, and proudly carry the title of “International Yoga Master” with the guidance of the world’s top Yoga Masters with abundant energy and Enthusiastic promises to bring you the true values ​​and the best experience on this Yoga path

  1. Grand Master Sondhi- President of Yoga Sports Federation of India and Asian Yogasana Sports Federation- Director: Sharvaya Yoga International and Lecturer at Yoga Institute of Healthy Living – Theme “YOGA THERAPY”

Better understanding of Yoga therapy and energy transformation, mind balance to enhance inner strength.

  1. Ph.D. Shivam Mishra – has 11 years of experience in the field of Yoga as a Yoga Expert- Theme “VINYASA AND ASHTANGA YOGA”

Control your breath and create a meditation while moving. Establish a consistent flow of movement to stretch, strengthen and breathe, and help the energy flow through the body more easily.

Designed to be comprehensive, transformative for coaches who wish to delve into the sacred teachings of traditional Yoga and practice intensively.

  1. Ms. Vu Hong Yen – Deputy Head of Communication and Membership Development at Vietnam Yoga Federation – General Director of Healthy Living Yoga Institute – Theme “INCREASE THE ART OF TEACHING”

Master the principles to design thousands of variations of Asanas.

Improve the ability to grasp psychology, apply it to the teaching language with accurate and rich specialized terms.

Especially promote the ability to create chains and unique and thinking teaching methods.

  1. Doctor Vu Trong Hai- Center for Doping and Sports Medicine – Lecturer at Yoga Institute for Healthy Living- Theme “SURVEY IN YOGA”

Comprehensive training designed for teachers interested in learning the theory of anatomy and the energy of practice. Theory and practice of Mindfulness Yoga Yoga Anatomy in Medicine are considered the basic standard in becoming an all-powerful Yoga Instructor.

  1. Ms. Lena Tran – Director of Healthy Living Yoga Institute Nam Dinh Branch – National Yoga Arbitrator and Lecturer at Healthy Living Yoga Academy – Theme “Decoding the Power of Unified Energy and Natural Healing”

For those who do not know, Yoga helps practitioners to harmonize the mind and body, keep emotions peaceful and intellectually clear. It is the science and art of healthy living. That’s why when you decipher the Energy Fusion, uniting the body with the universal energy, you will achieve what you want and control the wheel of energy flow in the body. Whereas the practice of Meditation is an effective and simple therapy that you may already know. Mindfulness meditation helps students look inward to listen to the body most deeply so that they can understand, sympathize, love, and activate the body’s natural self-healing mechanism. But not everyone can decipher the power of unifying and healing energy, In the Course “Training of 500H YOGA Coaches Online – International Degree” Ms. Lena will provide a system of knowledge, practice and reveal the Little known secret about the power of healing energy for future coaches in a methodical and in-depth way.

  1. Ms. Thanh Thuy – National Yoga Referee and Lecturer at Yoga Institute for Healthy Living – Theme “YOGA CORE AND BABY THERAPY”

If you want to become an Almighty Yoga Master, you can’t miss Yoga Core and Shadow Therapy. Yoga with the ball and Yoga Core are especially effective in burning fat, bringing in balance, Aligning the spine, relaxing muscles, expanding the rib cage, massaging important joints, Relieving tension, and refining the body. relaxed god. Improve energy flow in the body, Increase strength, balance, flexibility, confidence, and strength to overcome new challenges.

In addition to their superior professional knowledge, they are also masters with the ability to spread fire, who bring inspiration, endless passion for you, indispensable baggage in life as well as happiness. your future career

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